Frequently Asked Questions - Admissions

Should I pick the courses where I got high marks as prerequisites?

Marks from prerequisite courses are not treated differently; the most important thing is that you select courses that meet the prerequisite requirements.

Where does Psychology fit?

All Psychology courses taken at U of T are taught as life sciences; however, some universities classify Psychology as a social science. You must check with the university you attended. We will accept their evaluation. If your university cannot provide the designation of their Psychology course, please send us the course description from your course calendar.

Why should I take Statistics or writing courses if they are only recommendations, and not requirements?

It is our experience that students who have some knowledge of statistics find it helpful in the MD Program. You should also be aware that application to the MD Program involves strong expository writing and comprehension skills. Expository writing involves a discourse or critical evaluation, conveying information or ideas and explaining or expanding on their meaning.

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