Frequently Asked Questions - Admissions

Is there any age limit for applicants?


Does the Faculty of Medicine offer any financial aid and support?

Yes. See our financial aid page for more information on the awards, scholarships, grants and bursaries available.

When do I receive the second portion of my funding?

Generally, OSAP and other government aid are not released all at once. Some is released when you register and begin classes and the rest is released at the start of your second term in January.

Where can I obtain information about OSAP and government loans?

The application process may vary from province to province. Students must apply for loan assistance from their home province.

The University of Toronto financial aid page provides links to all provincial and territorial student loan programs.

Are professional programs such as Dentistry, Pharmacy or Chiropractic College considered graduate programs?

No. Marks from completed years of university undergraduate professional programs such as Dentistry or Pharmacy are calculated as part of the undergraduate GPA. College marks (including Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Homeopathic programs) are not included in the GPA calculation.

Are there quotas for how many graduate applicants are accepted?

No. There are no quotas of any kind. The most competitive of all applicants are offered admission to the program, regardless of academic level.

Can I choose to be evaluated as an undergraduate?

No, however applicants enrolled in a course-based Master's that is in progress will be assessed as undergraduate applicants. 

I won’t be finished by the June 30th deadline; can I withdraw from my graduate program if I get an offer? My supervisor says that it is okay.

No. The application would not be considered.

If I have completed my graduate program am I still considered a graduate applicant?

Yes. You are required to submit the contact information of a verifier for your program as part of your OMSAS application. Without this information your application would be incomplete and may not be considered.

Is there any flexibility with the June 30 deadline to complete the requirements for the graduate degree?

No. Applicants who cannot meet this deadline will have their offer cancelled.

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