Frequently Asked Questions

I took a first year course as an “extra” course. My university will not count the mark in my GPA or the credit towards my degree requirements. How will it count in my application?

We do not use the GPA calculated by your university as we do our own calculations.  All marks from courses taken in the regular academic session will count in the GPA. If you have only four credits counting towards your degree because the fifth is an “extra,” it will still be assessed as a full course load in that session.

Are CEGEP, IB and/or AP courses acceptable for prerequisites?

Yes. They must appear on the university transcript as credits.

Are Chemistry and Physics considered life sciences?

No. We classify these as physical sciences.

Are Organic Chemistry and Physics required?

For application to the U of T MD Program, applicants are not required to complete university level courses in Chemistry or Physics. However, applicants are reminded that the MCAT is an application requirement, and that this test requires knowledge of Biology, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, and Conceptual Physics at a first-year university level.

Are professional programs such as Dentistry, Pharmacy or Chiropractic College considered graduate programs?

No. Marks from completed years of university undergraduate professional programs such as Dentistry or Pharmacy are calculated as part of the undergraduate GPA. College marks (including Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Homeopathic programs) are not included in the GPA calculation.

Are there quotas for how many graduate applicants are accepted?

No. There are no quotas of any kind. The most competitive of all applicants are offered admission to the program, regardless of academic level.

Can I check if my courses are acceptable as prerequisites?

If you are not sure whether the course fits the definition given here, you may e-mail us with the course description. It is not necessary to verify Biology, Anatomy or other medical sciences courses, even if they are taken under the auspices of Nursing or Kinesiology.

Can I choose to be evaluated as an undergraduate?

No, however applicants enrolled in a course-based Master's that is in progress will be assessed as undergraduate applicants. 

Can I complete prerequisites in the year of application?

Yes, but registration in the course must be shown on the transcript submitted to OMSAS.

Can I send an update to my ABS?

No. The activities listed are limited to those prior to the application deadline.