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Housing at MAM

Jun 21, 2019

Over the course of the summer, we will be posting Transition Blog posts to support our incoming students as they transition to life as a medical student at U of T.

 If you have been admitted into the MAM campus, there are many housing options available to you. Some MAM students choose to live on campus, off campus in Mississauga, or even off campus downtown. As much of your learning in the first and second year of medical school happens on campus, living in residence tends to be a favored choice for MAM students.  

Floor plan of Schreiberwood An example of a small bachelor room in Schreiberwood on-campus housing large bachelor An example of a large bachelor apartment in Schreiberwood on-campus housing



On-campus housing

MAM students who live on campus live together in townhouses - meaning your roommates and next door neighbors will be your fellow classmates. Students often find this beneficial, as you will all experience times of study and celebration in tandem.

Please visit our Housing and Residence page for instructions for applying for residence on the Mississauga campus.

You are also able to visit UTM Student Housing & Residence Life.






MAM students Students in the lounge at MAM Off-campus housing 

There are many neighborhoods in Mississauga in close proximity to campus. The University of Toronto Mississauga has put together a resource guide with the popular apartment complexes for students, as well as the major neighborhoods that students may choose to live.

  • If you are looking for a roommate or a place to live, you can check out the University of Toronto Housing Services Registry.
  • Make sure you are part of the 2T2 Facebook group, as incoming students will often connect there to get an apartment together
  • Living off-campus, you can expect to pay on average between $800 - $1200 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment
  • Public transportation drops off and picks up right on campus, making campus accessible from a variety of neighborhoods




Below is a list of the main neighborhoods where MAM students who choose to live off campus reside, complete with their approximate proximity to campus (as per Google Maps estimation)

Port Credit

Proximity to campus: ~ 40 minutes by public transit

Highlight: Waterfront location and community atmosphere


Proximity to campus: ~ 20 minutes by public transit

Highlight: Historic village with a downtown feel


Proximity to campus: ~27 minutes by transit

Highlight: Central location close to many amenities

Square One

Proximity to campus: ~25 minutes by transit

Highlight: Located in downtown Mississauga - close to amenities, and great if you prefer city life!

Erin Mills

Proximity to campus: ~34 minutes by transit

Highlight: Close to amenities, 15 parks and trails, and houses the Credit Valley Hospital


Proximity to campus: ~6 minutes

Highlight: The closest neighborhood to campus, and great for nature lovers (so many parks and trails!)

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